Donations have been delivered!

Happy Halloween! 

Kansas City Babes has collected over $600 worth of donations. From folks gathering cash from friends and family and making bulk purchases, a $100 check donation, and individuals donating on their own dime; thank you to everyone who had a hand in making this month's collection, and the first collection, a huge success!! 

The donations were dropped off this morning in Lee's Summit, tax receipts have been filed out, and shelter clients will have more comfort. 

KCB meeting tomorrow evening at Grinders to discuss November's item drive for Hope House as well as other ideas.

Thank you,

People Helping People


100+ Diapers Donated!

THANK YOU to the Florence Family! 


Alyssa, Sam, and their one-year-old son River donated 109 diapers and a package of wipes. Alyssa marked the individual diapers with their size, and placed like-sizes in airtight bags. River made the donation at his First Birthday party! 


Thank you,

People Helping People



We are collecting donations of underwear for the month of October. 

The undies may be in or out of packaging, but must have tags attached.

Representatives will be collecting from their communities.

A 24/7 donation drop-off location is at 4111 Holly St 64111 near KU Med in a marked blue tub which is checked daily. We are collecting undies until October 30th. November's item will be announced soon!

The donations are for the women and children of Hope House in Lee's Summit. Diapers are accepted in waterproof packaging with sizes marked. Undies of all sizes from little kiddos to older women are accepted.

Thank you for your help!!

People Helping People


24/7 Donation Drop-Off Location

For those who cannot coordinate donation collection with representatives, there is a 24/7 donation drop-off location in the Volker Neighborhood near KU Med in Westport at 4111 Holly St KCMO 64111. 


Thank you!
People Helping People

24 Pairs of Panties

For the remaining month of October, we are collecting donations of underwear. The fit is for women and children. The sizes are for all. Underwear is a necessity that goes under the radar oftentimes as a donation item. We will have another meeting on November 1st at Grinders at 6pm to bring all the donations together and make a game plan for drop-off at the shelter. If we have an excessive amount of donations for Lee's Summit, we will take the second half to Hope House in Independence. November's item drive will be socks. December's will be gloves.

Thank you,

People Helping People

First Meeting October 11th Grinders KCMO 6pm

First meeting!

Simply to discuss gathering donations of underwear for the women and children of Hope House in Lee's Summit. The donations may be in packages or outside of packing, but the tags must be affixed and the clothing unworn. New pieces only.

I am challenging Representatives to gather at least 24 pairs of underwear each. 

Small, but mighty, it begins <3

Meeting in the works

Working on solidifying October 11th 6pm at Grinder's for the first meeting regarding an underwear drive for Hope House in Lee's Summit.

developing a strategy to Do the Most Good

I am currently doing research into local charities and organizations which may benefit one another. A food or item drive, dollar donation, event, and group action will be announced soon.