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KC Babewatch is a free publication to help raise awareness for various causes, promote self-care, and provide a platform for artists. We accept submissions of many art forms and articles. The magazine aims to be a community resource as well as a representation of our culture here in Kansas City. A digital copy of the magazine is available to view for free on the website. The magazine is free, but is available to be shipped for $5 (shipping/handling) to locations in the U.S.

- Ad space limited to <25% of total content. First come, first served, immediate competing business ads will not be published within the same issue.

- Checks are to be made to Kansas City Babes, Inc. Funds will be used to print the magazine, create content, and fund the nonprofit. Ex: web hosting, events, donation drives, etc.

Full page $250 8.5”x11”

KC Babewatch is currently sitting in waiting rooms of over a dozen salons, spas, and businesses focusing on health and art with a combined total monthly readership exceeding 2,000 people. Based off our social media presence, the Kansas City Babes, Inc. audience is 70% female and the majority are between 25-34 years of age. Our website currently garners over 500 unique views monthly. We will print 500 copies of KC Babewatch Issue #2 and distribute to businesses, promote online, and hand copies out at events.

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